The Adventures of Whowho | Qwertee : Limited Edition Cheap Daily T Shirts | Gone in 24 Hours | T-shirt Only £8/€10/$12 | Cool Graphic Funny Tee Shirts

The Adventures of Whowho | Qwertee : Limited Edition Cheap Daily T Shirts | Gone in 24 Hours | T-shirt Only £8/€10/$12 | Cool Graphic Funny Tee Shirts.

I like it it is just like Yintin the book I love but funnier. Instead of Tintin is Whowho and instead of Snowy a k-9 it’s a robot h-9.

Whowho is a young Gallifreyan timelord who becomes involved in dangerous cases in which he takes heroic action to save the world. Almost every adventure features Whowho and K-9 hard at work in, but they are seldom seen in news stories.

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The Song “Dynamite”

I was inspired to find these by the original song “Dynamite.” On my iPad, I found these songs and so I wanted to put them on my blog. I think you guys will really enjoy them.

I like this version by Alvin and the Chipmunks because they’re funny. In the movie they do stuff funny. But the video is just a picture. But it’s still the chipmunk version and they still sing it.

I love this “Coke And Sprite” video because he says “coke and sprite” instead of Dynamite. It’s so funny because of the other things he says and does.

I like MineCraft because I used to play it at my friend’s house. I only played it once but it’s really really fun, so fun. You should try it.

I like “Donkey Kong” because I’ve heard about it but I haven’t played it. I think I’ve watched it though like on somebody’s DS. I think this one’s funny because there’s actually a big screen with Donkey Kong games. It’s really funny and you should watch it.


I am a big black raven

I am a big black raven.
I wonder what time it is.
I hear other birds.
I see a small creek.
I want to be nice.
I am a big black raven.

I pretend I have friends.
I feel happy.
I touch branches.
I worry about food.
I cry about losing my babies.
I am a big black raven.

I understand that the world is free.
I say caw caw.
I dream about friendship.
I try to be nice.
I hope my babies get older.
I am a big black raven.

This is my submission to ArtTales competition in Ventura. The painting is by Duane Simshauser. You can learn more about it on my mom’s blog.


Haunted House Fun

Happy Hallowe’en


This is so funny! You have to click on some things but it turns out…

Have a Happy Hallowe’en!

I’m going to be a dragon for Hallowe’en–what are you going to be?


T Rex Rides A Bicycle!

I like this picture because it is so funny!

I can’t believe how funny it is! My mom thinks it’s funny too!

Don’t you want to laugh when you see this?

I think it’s so funny because it’s just so funny!

I would really like to see a real T Rex on a bicycle! That would be soooooo funny!

Find it here:

<img src=”http://imgur.com/unplB.jpg&#8221; alt=”” title=”Hosted by imgur.com” />


Rainy Day Dancing

This is so funny of a movie you will want to do the splits. It is so funny!

They are so good dancing in the rain; it’s so incredible– they do backflips and frontflips without even touching the sidewalk.


James Brown “I Feel Good” funny cartoon

I like the song and I like the stick man.

I like the video because it’s really funny.

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